205 - Der Wächter von Andromeda
The Guardians from Andromeda
H.G. Ewers


October 2400. The Terrans meet with the Drung, a strange being, which tells them the giant transmitters have been created by so-called Masters of the Island, a race that rules over the Andromeda galaxy. The Twins are both a relay to Andromeda, and a trap to capture anybody who tries to reach the galaxy. On planet Quinta, the Terrans finally find the main station that controls the transmitter, but it is guarded by an army of robots, While the Terrans are fighting them, a giant cylindric ship appears through the transmitter and destroys BOX-8323. The Terrans are able to conquer the station and point the transmitter on the Sextuple system. Then, the CREST II fights the cylinder-shaped ship, destroys it and dives into the transmitter.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

With the help of a gravitational bomb, Pucky and Gecko clear the energy shield surrounding Quinta, the planet which controls the Twin transmitter. The mousebeavers damage the field generator in order to permit the KHREST II to land. The Terrans must then fight an army of robots in order to secure the control station on Quinta. Shortly afterwards a dark cylindrical spaceship materializes from the solar transmitter and destroys the BOX-8323.

Pucky tries to penetrate into the control station. In order to protect it, Dull, a mysterious temporal creature, projects Pucky into the past. Shortly afterwards Icho Tolot activates a temporal gate in the station and is projected into another time plane with Pucky, Gecko and Wuriu Sengu. With the help of his right hand, which remains in normal space, Tolot shows Perry Rhodan and the men of the KHREST II the device that permits them to come back into their original time plane. Tolot adjusts the Twin’s transmitter so that the KHREST II and its crew can travel back to the galactic hexagon in the Milky Way. The KHREST II is then attacked by the dark vessel. It succeeds in damaging the alien vessel and flees into Twin's transmission field.

Michael P. Mahoney

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