2035 - Exodus der Herzen
Exodus from the Heart
Uwe Anton

With the arrival of the blue cylinder ship, the destiny of the world Auroch Maxo 55, Paumyr and the other Inzailas are felt to be sealed and at an end, because it is too early to become an Inzaila Onda. However, they also feel that the crew of the SOL can help them. The SOL is sent an envoy in the form the Rautak Jamaske Paumyr, the oldest Inzaila, to guide them to Auroch Maxo 55.

After Jamaske materializes aboard the SOL, the Galactics are only shortly surprised, before gladly accepting the offer of help by the bioprojection, because the deadline from IT to rescue a Kym-Jorier from Auroch Maxo 55 is mercilessly running down. When the Terran research ship reaches the planet, only nine hours remain. But Paumyr announces that there are no more Kym-Joriers, as they had died a year after the battle with Cours. But there are still Kyms on Auro Maxo 55. Atlan should proceed alone, with a space jet, to Paumyr. Meanwhile the Galactics measure a strange transmitter like field in the South Pole of the water planet and nineteen Inzailas, which are heading for it. According to Jamaske the mysterious apparition is the Alshma Ventor, the passage to the INSHARAM.

As Atlan reaches the plant island Paumyr, its psionic radiation almost kills him. Two more Rautak projections escort the Arkonide to the inside of the island. When the immortal Arkonide reaches the center of the plant intelligence, he is disappointed at first, for as Paumyr already said, there is on Auroch Maxo 55 and all Segafrendo no more Kym-Joriers, but it offers Atlan eggs which it has been carrying for a thousand years, which are the eggs of Kyms. And one of these eggs actually seems to still be filled with life. Atlan takes the egg, when a shaking suddenly runs through Paumyr. Something crucial seems to have happened, the Arkonide just succeeds in activating the Paratron of his protective suit, as he is in the middle of energy chaos.

Meanwhile the cobalt blue cylinder and the S-Zentrant MASMOKO have appeared above Auroch Maxo 55, but before the Terrans around Ronald Tekener can make a decision, eighteen Inzaila, all but Paumyr, send out a gigantic psionic energy wave. Only its spurs touch the SOL, but nevertheless all the crewmembers fall into a condition similar to a coma, leaving only Icho Tolot active. The target of the psionic impulse is the S-Zentrant whose protection screens can give no resistance to it.

Some time later the activator bearers and the Emotionaut Roman Muel-Chen come around again, only to watch on the detectors how eighteen plant islands pass into the psionic fires, the "exodus of the hearts". They have sacrificed themselves to save Paumyr, the oldest Inzaila. Then follows "Hauchmén Zovirasch", the end of the world, as Jamaske declares to them. Tekener recognizes that the S-Zentrant is only disabled, while the cylinder ship is active again. The Smiler gives to order to push the cobalt blue cylinder, which was slightly thrown from orbit by the energy wave, away from the planet.

On the S-Zentranten, Runrick, the Mun-2, is close to death. He recognizes that the eighth important station in his life is bringing him death. He still recognizes that some surviving Mundänes are taken over by Paumyr and boost the gravity machinery of the gigantic ship to kill the people on it, but cannot do anything about it. He dies and goes to the eternal necropolises of K'u, becoming a beautiful diamond with only a single impurity.

The SOL, in the protection of its Carit hull, succeeds in pushing the blue cylinder deeper into the dark cloud, and finally destroying it. With their return the Galactics see how the plant island comes undone from the dying world and floats to the S-Zentranten. It is the rescue of the Inzaila, as Paumyr leaves the world on the S-Zentranten MASMOKO, which it now controls. Atlan is told to leave the plant island as quickly as possible, because the Inzaila would like to say goodbye as quickly as possible to this space sector. It knows that that with the destruction of the other Inzailas, the psionic protection of the dark cloud will also break down and the cruising Mundäne units will get better and better detection results. It is only a question of the time, before more units arrive at Auroch Maxo 55.

Later Atlan, back on the SOL, brings the Kym egg to the Main Bridge where he takes it to the cocoon from IT. A projection of IT, in the form an old white-bearded Terran, informs the crew that they have succeeded in rescuing the Kym-Jorier in time. But the next task already awaits them; the SOL must reach a place in the fastest way possible, which is named the INSHARAM. When Atlan gives SENECA the order to fly, the Biopositronic refuses.

The ship brain of the SOL is determined not to leave the system. But Atlan is determined to not go through the strange Alshma Ventor. Only when it is almost too late, the Mundänes having located the Galactics, and only this daring alternative remains as a way out, does he use it.

jerry schneiderman 2006-06-20

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