2034 - Runricks Welten
Runrick's World
Ernst Vlcek

Runrick, a Mundäne and commander of the S-Zentranten MASMOKO, is traveling in the spore cloud of Maxo Auroch, in order to seek out and destroy the remainders of the superintelligence ESTARTU. The S-Zentranten is being guided by a blue cylindrical ship, which the Galactics would recognize from encounters with the Cosmocrat helper Cairol. While Runrick penetrates the spore cloud with the MASMOKO, the Mundäne muses upon how his life has gone so far.

Runrick is born blind. When a young man he come to the planet Rauber Baan, well known in Dubensys as a training place of the "seers" in the service of K'HUGAR. Contrary to the remaining pupils, who are already born without eyes at all, Runrick possesses still his pair of eyes. From the outset, Runrick draws the attention of the Mismatiker Cael Ogor upon himself, who mentors and supports him. The Mismatiker, likewise a race from the galaxy Dubensys, is humanoid, but looks bloated and corpulent in contrary to the Mundänes. Although the Mismatiker has also two faces, the turning head does not show a different facial expression. With the Mismatikers the two faces constantly alternate and the head constantly goes back and forth one hundred eighty degrees.

Runrick begins to be noticed among the other blind "seers", because his combat face does not regress and degenerate, as is usual with the seers. It comes to daily outbreaks of rage by Runrick, with which he loses control and turns out his combat face for the first time. To the surprise of all those present, the eyes of his combat face can see! For the first time in his life he sees his environment like a normal Mundäne. When Runrick’s everyday face returns, the formerly blind eyes can now see!

Runrick is thereupon ejected from Rauber Baan and the school of the seers. Robbed of all his prospects, Runrick joins the army, where he goes through twenty-eight years of long, hard training. The Mundänes are preparing at this time for the conquest of various galaxies, one of them being Segafrendo.

On the training Zentranten LAICMOKO Runrick learns the art of war. The Mundänes fight for the goals of the entity K'HUGAR, which has its seat and sphere of influence in the galaxy Dubensys. The residence of K'HUGAR is called the eternal dead city of K'u by the Mundänes. The warriors of the Mundänes are convinced that they will rise into K'HUGAR after death as thanks for their achievements and services. In their deepest core, they are convinced to be fighting for a good cause and are taught that one who supports K'HUGAR to fighting for Order against Chaos.

By surviving countless battles on other worlds and in other galaxies, by his capacity for strategic thinking and not least due to his special aura, Runrick rises ever higher in the ranks of the warriors. Finally it becomes Runrick’s task, his final one as a warrior, to seek out the remaining remnants of the presence of ESTARTU. Runrick determines the Auroch Maxo dark cloud as a possible location for this and begins his investigations.

Seeking out the remaining presence of ESTARTU within the dark cloud however proves to be difficult venture. Despite the escort of Scout ships, on which seers attempt to locate the remaining fragments of ESTARTU, the search is unsuccessful. Runrick’s ships find the planets Auroch Maxo 13, 19 and 20, on which there are artifacts of a people that called themselves the Rautak. As the Mundänes find out, the Rautak had given up their planets to look for better living conditions. Their goal was a planet close to a sun with the designation Auroch-Maxo-55, a planet that the Mundänes are not able to locate yet, despite an intensive search.

When Runrick is given the chance one day to go to K'HUGAR, the superintelligence permits him a view into the past. Runrick experiences the whole history of the confrontation between K'HUGAR and ESTARTU.

Runrick, meanwhile an army leader with the rank of a Mun-2 and a commander of an enormous S-Zentranten, asks K'HUGAR for support. The superintelligence promises to send assistance. After some time elapsed a cylindrical blue ship suddenly appears. The ship identifies itself as the XIRMICCA, which was sent from the galaxy Erranternohre, in order to support Runrick with his search in the dark cloud. The ship, Runrick learns, is equipped inside with Mundäne technology, however the blue hull of the ship is animate. Runrick is informed that the XIRMICCA is something like an entity and will be able to track down ESTARTU’S fragment.

Guided by the XIRMICCA, Runricks takes the S-Zentrant on its way through the dark cloud, until finally and completely unexpectedly, a blue planet emerges from the silver fog. Auroch-Maxo-55! Runrick is at the goal!

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-05-27

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