2033 - Tod im Türkisozean
Death in the Turquoise Ocean
Andreas Findig

Auroch Maxo 55 is a water world full of life. Originally intended by the Rautak as a new home world, the humanoid race could never bring the enormous resettlement project to fruition, however. Nevertheless, there is life on Auroch Maxo 55. Paumyr, the first of the spores of the combined entity Sorrmo and Korridec, is an intelligent plant that floats like an island about the ocean of the water world.

The planet has a diameter of 11,654 kilometers and, therefore, is a bit smaller than the Earth. The surface gravitation amounts to 0.94 G’s, the planet possesses a breathable oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and its surface is eighty-six percent covered with water. The planet spanning oceans are rarely deeper than four hundred meters.

Paumyr populates Maxo-Auroch with a number of artificial creatures who are copies of the Rautak. The Rautak created by Paumyr spend their life on the water world and are not conscious of their true origin and descent any more. They spend the night in so-called sleep mussels that arise from the ocean’s floor, open up and serve the artificial creatures as a place to sleep. It is also, in fact, a form of symbiosis with which the sleep mussels give the Rautak sleep and the mussels nourish themselves on the dreams of the Rautak. At the same time, a so-called dream pearl forms inside the mussel, which grows a bit more after every night and dream phase.

One of the artificial beings created by Paumyr is the female Rautak Jamaske. Her dreams manifest themselves in the form of an unknown male lover. She begins to question her life and that of the other Rautaks. She eventually learns the truth about her people and their existence. On the way the Rautak even comes upon her "dream man" and finds direct contact with the plant intelligence Paumyr. Finally, using Jamaske, Paumyr takes up contact with the SOL.

jerry schneiderman 2006-05-02

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