203 - Die Stadt der Verfemten
The City of the Outcasts
William Voltz


The Terrans then explore Quarta, a planet featuring a gigantic city. They find out that Quarta is actually a huge planetary jail populated by criminals from Andromeda.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Scientists who study the energy station on Sexta discover some common features with the facilities that Perry Rhodan and his companions found on Kahalo.

On 12 September 2400, the energy shields of the Twin System planets suddenly disappear. Pucky snatches some mental impulses on Quarta, the fourth planet of the Twin System. As it approaches Quarta, the auxiliary vessel C-5 is enveloped by a tractor field coming from a huge city that covers an entire continent. This is the only city of the planet. The auxiliary vessel is forced to crash land on the outskirts of this city. Quarta then surrounds itself all over again with an energy shield.

In the giant city (called Bigtown) live fifty million outcasts and criminals who come from the numerous races of the Andromede Nebula. The men of the C-5 are forced to participate in a fight to the death between hunters and prey. They finally penetrate into a pyramid and succeed in deactivating the shield of the planet. They then destroy the facilities of the pyramid. The C-3 recovers the shipwrecked victims.

Michael P. Mahoney

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