2029 - Ein Planet im Visier
A Planet in the Sights
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan and Tam Sorayto emerge from the transmitter on Erbossa, the capitol of Ertrus. They hook up with ten Emotionauts who are the only survivors of the academy. They steal a glider and find shelter in nearby mountains, where the resistance is gathering its forces.

On Terra, ravaged by the news of his friend's death, Bully decides to take the matter in his own hands and takes off for Ertrus, accompanied by a small fleet. When he arrives, he contacts Kraschyn, the Arkonid commandant in charge of the Arkonid offensive. Kraschyn ignores Bully's warnings and returns to his tasks, mainly focusing on making Ertrus a bona-fide Arkonid colony.

Tam Sorayto explains to Rhodan that the main supervising computer of Ertrus is now offline, which is preoccupying because the planet is still very young and subject to frequent Earthquakes.

The resistance strikes, taking the unsuspecting Arkonids by total surprise. Erbossa is freed in a matter of hours and the Arkonids flee in disarray. Mad with anger, Kraschyn decides to take revenge and drops an interval bomb on the Ertrusian capitol. The whole city is wiped out, along with several hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Cedric Beust

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