2028 - Operation Stiller Riese
Operation Quiet Giant
Rainer Castor

On the 26th of September, the Arkonids start deploying several fleets in various locations occupied by the Terrans. Perry Rhodan suspects that these are the first steps of the operation Quiet Giant, but he is puzzled by the seemingly incoherent strategy put forward by the Emperor Bostich. After making sure that the vital systems are effectively protected by the Aagenfelt Barrier, Rhodan boards the Melbar Kasom and heads for Ertrus, which hasn't been threatened by the Arkonids yet.

Rhodan is worried by one detail, though : the Fourth Arkonid Fleet is nowhere to be found, which leads him to think that all the other deployments are actually diversions. He quickly sees his doubts confirmed as 20,000 spaceships arrive in the Etrus system and request its immediate surrender. Comforted by the Aagenfelt Barrier, Tam Sorayto, the Ertrusian president, ignores the request.

What Rhodan ignores is that a scientist on board of one of the Blockade Squadron orbiting Ertrus has been blackmailed by the Arkonids. The traitor detonates a bomb on board, and the Barrier collapses, opening the way for the Arkonids. Disruptive radiations neutralize the transmitters as the Arkonid fleet attacks the planet.

The Terran forces are no match for the Arkonids and the Melbar Kasom is almost destroyed in the battle. Perry Rhodan and Tam Sorayto barely survive and try to escape through a transmitter. Ertrus falls, along with the Emotionaut Academy, and the whereabouts of Perry Rhodan are unknown.

Cedric Beust

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