2027 - Schwanengesang
Swan Song
Uwe Anton

Him Asnas and Corty Reiser, two USO agents, manage to get themselves hired as part of the Gilgamesch crew. Although they are suspected by a Zalitian scientist to be spies, Asnas finds his way through the positronic/syntronic computer and finally locate the files that will ignite the bombs laid out by the other agents.

Meanwhile, Reiser discovers bombs of an unknown type onboard. A quick analysis reveals that they are interval bombs, similar to those used by the Perlians in the past. Since their blast range is much more limited than that of standard bombs, the plan behind the "Operation Quiet Giant" starts making sense to the agents : the Arkonids will use the transform cannon and the interval bombs to neutralize the defense forts of the Solar System, allowing them to conquer planets without destroying them.

The two agents get ready to detonate the USO bombs, and therefore sacrificing themselves, but they are arrested by the Arkonids. They receive an unexpected help from Merlin, Gilgamesch's computer, which has been observing the recent events and has reached the conclusion that it must be destroyed for the wellfare of Humanity. Since the regular bombs have been disarmed by the Arkonids, Asnas has no other choice than detonating an interval bomb.

The Gilgamesch, still hovering over Mirkandol, explodes, blowing away major parts of the City and killing all its crew members.

Cedric Beust

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