2026 - Kodename Ark'Thektran
Codename Ark'Thetran
Ernst Vlcek

Yonkine Kineda, a USO agent based on Arkon, is asked by Monkey to investigate the recent events that have been reported by the two Swoons. Kineda soon hears about an operation "Quiet Giant" that the Arkonids are setting up and which should be a decisive blow against Terra. Obviously, the Gilgamesch will be involved in this operation but Kineda needs to gather more information.

Meanwhile, Roi Danton and Monkey are exploring their options, and the chief of the USO surprises everyone by telling them that the Gilgamesch has been trapped by his agents, and that it will only take someone on board to ignite several bombs that will completely destroy what used to be Camelot's flagship.

Kineda finally uncovers another of the Arkonids' secrets : they are moving the fleet command into a place called Ark'Thetran. This hovering city, just like the Solar Residence, is five times bigger than the former central command and is also able to navigate at sub-lightspeed, thus making it possible for it to escape a possible attack over Arkon I.

Cedric Beust

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