2025 - Heiße Fracht für Arkon
Dangerous Freight for Arkon
Horst Hoffmann

Two Swoon USO agents, Micro Trivielles and Lokmar Lokink, are sent on a mission on Arkon to find out about a mysterious cargo that is supposed to arrive on the Arkonid homeworld. They board a spaceship and are taken to a secret Arkonid base. There, they discover that the Arkonids have built two gigantic transform guns. As they wonder how they can be operated, the emperor Bostich arrives on the planet.

The two Swoons spy on Bostich and learn that the two guns are meant to be fitted on the Gilgamesch, the only spaceship in the Milky Way that can deliver the amount of energy needed to operate these two guns. Trivielles and Loking almost get captured but they manage to escape and make it back safely to Arkon.

Cedric Beust

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