2024 - Intrigen in Mirkandol
Intrigues in Mirkandol
Arndt Ellmer

In 1292 NGZ, after Rhodan came back from Chearth, Julian Tifflor was assigned on Arkonis where he acted as a diplomat for the Earth, trying to establish a fragile peace between Arkonis, the Earth and the Forum Raglund. He alienated the emperor Bostich when he delivered the Gilgamesch without most of its weaponry. The Arkonid leader then put Tifflor under close surveillance, decided to eliminate him if the Terran should become too dangerous.

In the years that followed, Tifflor observed the expansion of the Arkonids throughout the Milky Way as they eliminated their enemies one by one. Tifflor searched assistance with the Linguids but they declined to intervene one more time in the Milky Way.

In 1303 NGZ, Tifflor humiliated Bostich publicy. The emperor decided to have the Terran diplomat killed and hired a hit man. The attempt failed and Tifflor managed to kill the assassin.

Cedric Beust

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