2023 - Der Para-Fürst
The Para-Prince
H.G. Francis

Moharion Mawrey arrives in Para-City in order to investigate the latest events. Although Falo Gause is hostile to her presence in the city, he can't send her back and has to tolerate her. The mutants decide to form a para-block : hundreds of them will get together and will try to send a mental message for help, hoping that someone who could help them with their genetic disease might hear them.

During her investigation, Moharion Mawrey catches a glimpse of Alaska Saedelaere. The illusion quickly fades away and leaves the young woman puzzled. Alaska is on a Virtual Ship on an unknown mission, and there is no way he could be on Earth. Meanwhile, the para-block is formed and suddenly, a fugacious contact is established. The connection breaks right away. Somewhere, something has responded, but the mutants have no idea what or who that might be.

Koo Parkinson continues to extend his influence on the City. He is a strong para-persuader and he manages to hypnotize Moharion Mawrey so that she now defends his interests. He tries to subjugate Falo Gause as well but the mutants intervene in time to make the attempt fail. However, Gause dies during the attack and Parkinson has finally won : Rhodan has accepted to erect a force field around Para-City. The Para-Prince is now in control of the mutant city.

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