2022 - Para-City
H.G. Francis

After the shocking revelation about their fate, the Monochrome Mutants decide to isolate themselves from the Terrans. Falo Gause asks Perry Rhodan to give them a city where they can all move and live there until their programmed death. Despite Moharion Mawrey's protests, Rhodan accepts. The place will be Mor Jueglo, a deserted city in the Andes, which will be renamed Para-City.

A charismatic mutant from Lepso called Parkinson, who refers to himself as the Para-Prince, contacts Falo Gause and asks to take the lead of the mutants. Gause refuses and Parkinson and his men accept to move to Para City and participate in the research against the genetic defect. Shortly after the mutants have moved in the snowy city, some of them are the target of a sniper who seems to be trying to kill Parkinson. The perpetrator is Henner Mushcot, a mutant that Parkinson once humiliated, and who is now seeking revenge.

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