202 - Die Retter der CREST
The Saviors of the CREST
Clark Darlton


In the Milky Way, a rescue operation is set up, thanks to BOX-8323, a Posbi ship (the Posbis are guessed to be the most capable of resisting the transition and escape whatever danger lies beyond the transmitter). BOX-8323 enters the Sextuple transmitter and arrives in the Twin system. They rescue the CREST II crew just before they die out of thirst. Rhodan decides to keep on exploring the planets of the system in order to find out how the Twin transmitter can be used to get back to the Milky Way.

Thanks to gravitation bombs, the CREST II manages to break through the energy field of one of the planets - Sexta. The Terrans find strange devices on the surface but are unable to start them.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On 28 August 2400 the Posbi fragment vessel Box-8323, with Wuriu Sengu, Melbar Kasom, the physicist Reinhard Anficht and the mousebeaver Gecko, departs from Opposite for the hexagon transporter in order to recover the Khrest II.

At the same moment the light cruiser Ruhr travels to the Einstein Station, near the World of a Hundred Suns, in order to inform its crew. The crew of the Ruhr discovers the wreckage of an unknown cylindrical vessel.

The Box-8323 reaches the Twin System in time to save the crew of the Khrest II before it dies of thirst. In order to inform the Earth on the position of the two vessels, the unmanned robot cruiser Signal is sent back towards the Milky Way. One thousand Arkon bombs explode after it has completed its maximum possible cruise distance (range) of six hundred thousand light years. The explosion is detected by the Einstein Station.

Pucky, Gecko and Icho Tolot manage to deactivate the green energy shield of the planet Sexta thanks to the use of gravitational bombs. They destroy the energy station of the planet. The Khrest II lands on Sexta.

Michael P. Mahoney

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