2019 - Mundänen-Alarm
Mundanian Alarm
Horst Hoffmann

On Orllyndie, Atlan learns from La Pharoke that the place the Terrans call Auroch-Maxo, and which saw the birth of Estartu, is known as the Tauu Dark Cloud in Segafrendo. It is situated more than one hundred thousand light years from Orllyndie and it is in the middle of Mundanian territory. Suddenly, the alarms sound : several Tharoidonians have been found dead, murdered by Mundanians. The enemy commando must have penetrated on the planet through one of the transmitters.

Actually, only one Mundanian has survived the encounter, and he has seen the Sol. He is now trying to find a hypercom in order to inform his people. On his way, he meets an enigmatic creature called Mautsch. Mautsch claims that the Mundanians decimated his world and his people, the Quatronians, and he wants to know why they are so hostile. The Mundanian ignores him and goes on his way.

Atlan and Tekener eventually corner the Mundanian in the main city. Just as he is about to give his last fight, Mautsch appears to him and kills him. The Terrans find the dead body but don't understand how the death occured.

As the Sol prepares to go on his way toward the Dark Cloud, the Tharoidonian government is in chaos : one of its main representatives confesses that he was recently negociating with the Mundanians. As a result, a fleet of several thousand Mundanian spaceships materialize over Orllyndie.

Cedric Beust

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