2018 - Der Untergang der Krone
The Downfall of the Crown
Ernst Vlcek

Thanks to the datacubes rescued from the Cosmologists, the Terrans learn about the history of Segafrendo...

In a distant past, a gigantic spore cloud spanning over sixty light seconds materialize in Segafrendo. The cloud is actually a sentient creature called Sorrmo. Sorrmo contacts the residents of the Auroch-Maxo system and asks their permission to stay around while it waits for its natural death. They accept. Several centuries later, a new gigantic entity in the shape of butterfly is headed toward Auroch-Maxo.

The cloud and the semi-material butterfly merge in a huge explosion, resulting in the creation of a new entity called Estartu. The ensuing blast projects particles everywhere throughout Segafrendo, creating new species and new ecosystems. Some of these new organisms cover whole planets and are called plant-fathers. The semi-organic creatures choose the Tharoidonians as their spokespersons.

Estartu develops its realm over Segafrendo, resulting in the creation of a race of small butterflies that essentially represent her psychic energy. They are called Kym-Jorians and thrive on planets inhabited by plant-fathers. The community baptizes itself the Galactic Crown.

Alien spaceships appear in Segafrendo and attack its defenseless inhabitants. It will take them several decades to build up a defense force and slowly conquer their galaxy back. The Galactic Crown decides to develop its defensive arsenal while searching for mercenaries willing to help them. Estartu concludes a pact with the Josminians, warriors who, when they die, do not leave dead bodies but obelisks that cast no shadows.

The Josminians are offered total control of the military forces in the galaxy in exchange for their help. Several Josminian fortresses are built throughout the galaxy, allowing them to develop the galactic defenses.

The Galactic Crown creates the Rose Spheres, powerful organic spaceships piloted by Josminians that successfully repel the second assault on Segafrendo.

Time passes and Estartu is contacted by a Heliot. The energetic creature tells her about the forthcoming creation of a region in space devoid of matter. The super-intelligence quickly understands that this neutral region of space will be impervious to any influence from the Cosmocrats. She accepts to withdraw in this void, called the Night, in order to develop it.

Dark cylindrical spaceships materialize in Segafrendo. While they outnumber the forces of the Galactic Crown, they do not attack anyone, so the council of Segafrendo decides to wait and see. After tapping into their communications, the Crown learns that the strangers call themselves Mundanians and come from two galaxies : Dubensys and Pikh-Delta. They also learn about a mysterious class of carrier spaceships supposed to carry a destructive firepower called the S-Zentrants, but they fail to locate any.

Several decades go by and Estartu comes back to Segafrendo to check on the situation. As soon as the super-intelligence appears in the galaxy, a colossal psychic explosion emanating from the whole Mundanian fleet goes off. Estartu is heavily hurt as the blast annihilates most of her psychic energy, including the plant-fathers and the Kym-Jorians. Nothing is known about the entity who launched those three waves against the Galactic Crown, except its name : K'uhgar.

The final battle is fought in the Torm-Karaend system. Using a new technology, the Mundanian spaceships are able to destroy the totality of the Rose Spheres through kamikaze attacks. The two factory planets of Torm-Karaend are also destroyed in the battle. However, the planet where the Cosmologists have withdrawn is unharmed. They keep writing the history of the Galactic Crown, in the unlikely event that Estartu would rise again.

The Terrans feed Seneca with these new information and the conclusion of the computer is alarming : even though Estartu seems to be alive and well in the present, it is likely that the current time is a critical point in the timeline, and failing to accomplish the mission they were assigned might end up in changing radically the future.

Cedric Beust

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