2017 - Das Kind und der Pflanzenvater
The Child and the Plant-Father
Susan Schwartz

Atlan meets with La Pharoke on Pur-Sariente. The Tharoidonian is very disappointed when he realizes that the Terrans don't have the time to help them in their fight against the Mundanians. Nevertheless, he is able to give them some information on the Kym-Jorrians : they are butterflies. Unfortunately, their race is nearly extinct, and La Pharoke has no idea where the Terrans could find them.

On the Sol, as Mondra Diamond is chatting with her doctor, Darla Marcus, Delorian starts coughing and vanishes suddenly. Panicked, the two women search for the baby but can't find him. On Orrlyndie, a monk called Yhata-Satnaky, messenger of a certain Arystes, comes to Atlan and tells him that the Terran leader has been summoned by Arystes but that he has not been harmed. Atlan understands that the monk is talking about Delorian.

Mondra Diamond and Darla Marcus decide to go after Delorian in the forest where Arystes is said to live. They meet Yhata-Satnaky who tells them that Arystes, also known as the Plant-Father, is actually the whole forest. They bring back Delorian safely to the Sol. After their departure, Arystes tells the monk that he saw the future in the baby's mind. The Crown will lose the war to the Mundanians and several centuries in the future, a new super-intelligence called Kuhgar will incorporate Segafrendo in his Sphere of Influence.

A nun sent by Yhata-Satnaky comes to the Sol and gives Mondra a small living replica of the Arystes forest. She says that Mondra must take care of the organism because it will play a part in their cosmic mission.

Cedric Beust

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