2016 - Die Einsamen der Zeit
Lost in Time
Andreas Findig

The Mundanians request the inconditional surrender of the Sol. It is clear to Atlan that they are after the technology they have on board, and more particularly the Carit hull. Atlan decides to send an SOS, hoping that the forces of the Galactic Crown will hear it and will come to help them. The message will carry the symbol of Estartu.

On Orllyndie, one of the main worlds of the Galactic Crown, political struggles are being fought. La Pharoke, a Tharoidonian, wants to shake the people of the Crown and encourage them to colonize new worlds, or they will soon be conquered by the Mundanians. The SOS from the Sol is received during one of his public speeches. La Pharoke has the feeling that the SOS is a sign from an imminent return of Estartu, and he convinces the government to send a fleet to the rescue of the Terran spaceship.

In Torm-Karaend, the Terrans are running out of options. Just as they are considering sacrificing one of the two Cells that constitute the Sol and use the diversion to escape, the Thaoridonians appear and attack the Mundanian forces. The Terrans take advantage of the ensuing chaos and escape in Hypertakt. They materialize over Pur-Sariente, the main city of Orrlyndie, and Atlan makes contact with the Tharoidonians to thank them for their intervention.

Cedric Beust

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