2015 - Mein Freund, der Tod
My Friend, the Dead
Hubert Haensel

Reginald Bull, still prisoner in Golkana, is being questioned by the Arkonids. Despite the cruel tortures he is put through, he manages to mix bogus information with real data, thus misleading the secret services of the Arkonids. However, he is reaching the end of his physical resistance.

The Kyrantar lands near the prison and Monkey and his team start their offensive : they release the Korra-Vir, unleashing chaos on the syntronic computers of the prison. On top of that, the Mrii'Q manages to escape and disappears inside the prison. Bull uses the ensuing confusion to escape and Monkey finds him just as he was about to be killed by the monster. The two men escape through a transmitter.

Cedric Beust

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