2014 - Eine Bestie für Arkon
A Beast for Arkon
Arndt Ellmer

Disaster has struck on a planet in the vicinity of Arkon : whole villages have been decimated by a creature, leaving no survivors. An Arkonid named Terantal is hunting the beast, called a Mrii'Q, and manages to capture it despite its ability to hypnotize its victims. The creature is locked inside a spaceship, the Kyrantar, and taken to Arkon 1

The New USO decides to use this opportunity to sneak a commando on board the spaceship in an attempt to break into the Golganka prison, where the Mrii'Q is being transfered and where they suspect that Bull is held prisoner.

Three Siganese and Monkey board secretly the Kyrantar thanks to a diversion led by Roi Danton. The Oxtornian, impervious to the Mrii'Q's powers, is locked with the creature and when it realizes that it cannot hurt its companion, the Mrii'Q tells Monkey its story : its race was decimated in the past by the Arkonids, so now it is taking its revenge. The commando takes control of the spaceship and heads for Arkon 1.

Cedric Beust

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