2013 - Sternvogels Geheimnis
Starbird's Secret
Hans Kneifel

Akellm da Premban, codename "Starbird", is a USO agent located on Arkon 1. His popularity as the winner of a violent TV game allows him to meet all kinds of personalities. As soon as he caught wind of Reginald's Bull presence on Arkon 1, he got acquainted with Endra da Kimberley, a beautiful woman in charge of the high-security prison Golkana. Akellm and Endra quickly become lovers.

Endra gives him a pass that will allow him to move freely within her home and the prison, but only if she's with him. Akellm modifies the chip and gains access to the entrance of the prison. When Endra finds out about his intentions, she asks one of the men working for her to kill him.

Akellm doesn't get a chance to carry his investigation too long before he is discovered by Endra's henchmen. Akellm and his team use an explosion as a cover-up and disappear, persuading Endra that her lover is now dead, but still nowhere closer to Reginald Bull's location.

Cedric Beust

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