2012 - Die Neue USO
The New USO
Rainer Castor

Monkey, the Oxtornian, is the commander of the New USO, created by Homer G. Adams. He remembers that thirty years ago, he was contacted by Lotho Keraete, It's messenger, and was given a cell-activator. Despite his refusal, he was forced to accept it.

Roi Danton, finally cured from Shabazza's work, leaves Mimas and arrives on Quinto-Center, the asteroid that is now the siege of the new USO. He learns about the new organization from Yart Fulgen, the person in charge of the program.

On Lepso, a USO agent called Arto Bonning is investigating about recent events that shook the main city. It looks like a group of terrorists celebrating the memory of Shabazza, who died on this planet, are trying to continue the work of the Creator. Arto Bonning comes back to Camelot.

A fleet of Arkonid ships materialize in the sector of Camelot. They are obviously looking for the asteroid, so Monkey orders the erection of the Anti Temporal Field. Unfortunately, the timewarp protection can only be maintained for three days, after which they will be exposed to the Arkonids. Bonning identifies the Arkonid spy and kills her before she can give away their position. Shortly thereafter, the Arkonid fleet leaves.

Monkey receives a message from Firebird, a USO agent on Arkon : Bully has been spotted on the Arkonid planet.

Cedric Beust

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