2011 - Das Fluut von Yuna
The Fluut from Yuna
Susan Schwartz

The Terrans arrive as the Kraverkians, still traumatized by the recent events, are moving back into their village. They make contact with Kellmi who eventually understands the the Terrans are not allies of Morkhero. They learn how important the Fluut is to them, both as food and as a reproductive means. Somehow, Morkhero seems to need, or even be addicted to, this substance, but by pressuring the Kraverkians, he is also condemning them to extinction.

On the Leif Ericksson, Trim Marath wakes up and shouts that Morkhero is on board. One of the doctors tries to kill him but the attempt is foiled by a robot. On Morbienne III, the Terrans are able to get an outline of what Morkhero looks like through sophisticated cameras : he looks like a small humanoid. Kellmi tells them about a meteorite he saw about thirty years ago, and which landed in nearby swamps.

The Terrans head there and find Morkhero's spaceship. The ship takes off and disappears before the Terrans can stop it. Disappointed, Rhodan heads back to Earth where he learns that Druu Katsirya, the new Second Messenger of Thoregon replacing Kaif Chiriatha, has just stepped out of the Mushroom Dome on Trokan. The Galornian wants to speak to Perry Rhodan urgently.

Cedric Beust

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