2010 - Morkheros Prophet
Morkhero's Prophet
Ernst Vlcek

Perry Rhodan heads for Morbienne III on board the Leif Ericksson. When they reach the Eastside sector, a fleet of two hundred spaceships of the Blues is maneuvering in the sector, delaying their arrival. In the meantime, Blo Rakane tells them that his information about the planet comes from the files of the Blue's secret services. Many years ago, the whole system was put in quarantine after an articifially created virus decimated the colony. The virus was eventually destroyed but the quarantine remained.

Kellmi is a Kraverkian living on Morbienne III. During a hunt, he discovers a village where some of his compatriots adore a god which they call Morkhero. The villagers have to give regular tributes to their god in the shape of food made out of Luut, a rare and fierce animal living in the swamps.

Kellmi challenges Morkhero's Prophet, Erwoschno. He manages to kill him and the villagers, fearing the anger of their god, decide to leave their village. As they are about to do so, Morkhero strikes and hundreds of Kraverkians are killed.

When the Leif Ericksson finally emerges in the Morbienne system, Pucky, Trim Marath and Startac Schroder are hit by a violent psychic wave and pass out. The whole system seems to be the source of extremely powerful psychic radiations. Protected by PsIso-Nets, the Terrans head for the surface of the planet.

Cedric Beust

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