201 - Sternstation im Nichts
Star Station in the Void
Kurt Mahr


The CREST II manages to take off but its Kalup engines, which can only fly over 600,000 light years, are not powerful enough to reach the Milky Way. On top of this, two strange phenomena are happening: all the water supplies disappear on board of the ship, and six of the seven planets are suddenly protected by an energy field. Only one planet - Septim - is accessible, but it looks barren.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Lieutenant Conrad Nosinsky closely studies the Transport Field that is slowly destroying the planet Power (the eighth planet of the Twin System). Its energy comes from the Twins (the two suns of the Twin System). It is projected from a desolate station on Septim, the seventh planet of the Twin System. It is from here that the destruction of Power is controlled. Nosinsky finds himself inside the Transport beam and is transported to Septim.

On 27 August 2400 the crew of the Khrest II has finally completed enough repairs so that the super battleship and flagship of the Terran Fleet can leave Power before the radius of dissolution/destruction reaches its landing site. Shortly afterwards the planet Power completely dissolves and exists no longer. Once in space the crew of the Khrest II realizes that all water reserves have disappeared and a mysterious force prevents the production of new water. All planets of the Twin System except Septim are surrounded by an orange energy shield. The Khrest II approaches Septim. At first it has the aspect of a welcoming blue-green planet but it is eventually revealed to be a gigantic, barren planet. Nosinsky comes back on board the Khrest II once it lands on Septim. Perry Rhodan decides to destroy the power station on the planet. It is believed that this station is responsible for the orange shields. After this action is successfully completed and the Khrest II returns to space, the shields change to green but remain in place around the remaining six planets. It is only a matter of time before the crew of the Khrest II dies from dehydration. They must find water if they wish to survive.

Michael P. Mahoney

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