2009 - Der V-Inspekteur
The V-Inspector
H.G. Francis

The Waylon Javier is a brand new Blockade Squadrons spaceship, just out of the Luna factories. As it is being inspected by a V-Inspector, a robot whose mission is to make sure the new units comply to the norms, an Arkonid commando conquers it and takes the technicians hostages, killing most of them to keep only thirty.

Blo Rakane arrives on Earth and asks to speak to Trim Marath about Morkhero. The Halutian and the young boy immediately feel sympathy for each other and the discussions make Rhodan and Blo Rakane wonder if the birth of Morkhero was not due to the withdrawal of It from His sphere of influence to live inside the Pulse.

Trim Marath says that during a short time, he was able to see some blue creature through Morkhero's eyes. Rhodan asks the young man to take a look at their databases in order to find more about this creature. Marath finally recognizes the alien in Blo Rakane's database : it is a Kraverkian, from the planet Morbienne III, located 64 048 light years from Terra in the Eastern part of the Milky Way.

Helped by two technicians, the V-Inspector manages to incapacitate the Arkonid command by releasing a gas through the ventilating system. The Waylon Javier is freed and the hostages rescued.

Cedric Beust

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