2008 - Blockade um Sol
Blockade on Sol
Arndt Ellmer

While Perry Rhodan is still trying to find out who ordered the attack against Olymp, an Arkonid commando led by Soi Maklur on the Earth is planning to kidnap young mutants from the Solar Residence. The operation is a success and seventeen mutants are promptly paralyzed and abducted, including Trim Marath. Perry Rhodan immediately locks the whole Sol system with the Aagenfelt Barrier and the search begins.

After a few days, the investigation has still yielded no results and the government is forced to reopen the Sol System. As Soi Maklur prepares to leave, a final clue leads the Terran forces to the Arkonid spaceship. Using a derived form of the Korrago virus, the ship is quickly conquered and thanks to the young mutants, Soi Maklur is captured before he gets a chance to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, one of the mutants, Nomi Seville, is killed in the operation. During her funerals, Trim Marath is psychically attacked by Morkhero Soul-Source. Marath tells Rhodan that he was able to resist this time, but that Morkhero is getting stronger every day and that eventually, the mysterious entity will overpower him.

Cedric Beust

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