2007 - Die Schatztaucher
The Treasure Divers
Uwe Anton

The Treasure Divers are a group of twelve people who are exploring the mid-section of the Sol, supposed to contain either technological artefacts left by Cosmocrats, or possibly traps laid out by Shabazza or the Korragos. They uncover a metallic compound that suddenly turns into an organic squid-like creature which attacks them. When they manage to kill it, the creature is turned back into inert matter.

The Sol reaches the Torm-Karaend system and finds a lot of wrecked spaceships floating in space, within the main planets of the system. Two planets out of seventeen have been destroyed. The system is inhabited by Mom'Serimians, using spaceships shaped like flowers. They serve the Galactic Crown. They welcome the Terrans but ask that the Sol be landed on the main planet, because the Mundanians are actively looking for them. Asked about Auroch Maxos-55 or the Kym-Jorian, the representative of the Mom'Serimians pretends not to know anything about them, although he is apparently lying.

Atlan dispatches several groups on the planet in order to gather information about their mission. The Dookies learn that twenty years ago, two decisive battles were lost by the Galactic Crown against the Mundanians. The two planets containing the main factories to build spaceships were destroyed then. Torm-Karaend used to be the main planet for the Cosmologists, a group of scientists studying and intrepreting the reign of Estartu, but they have all disappeared since then. They used to build theaters where they would show their findings, but almost all of them have been destroyed as well.

On the Sol, Seneca finds out that Segafrendo looks like a galaxy called Hazel 14, situated at thirty-six million light-years from the Earth. However, its shape doesn't match the one recorded, and the computer quickly reaches the conclusion that the journey through the Mega-Dome actually sent the Sol eighteen million years in the past.

The Dookies manage to find the ruins of a theater underground and they salvage data cubes from what is left of it. Shortly after they get back on the Sol, several thousand Mundanian spaceships materialize in Tom-Karaend and demande the unconditional surrender of the Terran crew.

Cedric Beust

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