2006 - Cugarittmos Gesichter
Cugarittmo's Faces
Ernst Vlcek

Cugarittmo is a Mundanian. The Mundanians are a race of warriors at war with the Galactic Crown, the name given to the followers of Estartu in Segafrendo and led by a race they call the Slattys. The Mundanians have two physical particularities : just like the god Janus, they have two opposed faces, a peaceful one and a warring one. They also possess a special organ that allows them to know if somebody is telling the truth in their presence.

Cugarittmo started as a mere soldier and worked his way up in the hierarchy. He is now in charge of a fleet of eight thousand spaceships and he has been assigned the surveillance of Hesp Graken, a turbulent region of space which is said to host the main headquarters of Estartu.

Atlan has determined that Night Eight is the counterpart of the Pulse in the Milky Way. After helping the Mom'Serimians fix the damage that their space station went through after the collision with the Sol, the Terrans head out of the Night through the so-called Chute, the only way out of the vacuum. When they emerge in Hesp Graken, they are immediately attacked by the Mundanians. The Sol is soon forced to surrender despite the effective use of the Virtual Creator.

Atlan meets Cugarittmo and the Mundanian unveils his plan : two hundred thousand of his warriors will hide on board the Sol, which will head back through the Chute. When they emerge, they will take possession of whatever lies inside. Atlan tries to explain that there is nobody inside but the peaceful Mom'Serimians, but Cugarittmo is blinded by his ambition and proceeds with his idea.

During the travel through the Chute, Daolin'Hay manages to recalibrate the Paratron shield of the Sol in order to warn the Mom'Serimians that they have hostiles on board. The message is received and as soon as the Sol appears near Night Eight, it is struck by the deadly defensive weapon of the Mom'Serimians, carefully tuned to not cause any harm to the Terrans. Cugarittmo and his two hundred thousand warriors are killed.

The Sol leaves through the Chute again, heading for Torm-Karaend, a system pointed out by Crom as being likely to give them information about their mission.

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