2005 - Gestrandet in der NACHT
Stranded in the Night
H.G. Francis

Atlan regains consciousness and a quick scan of the surrounding area reveals that the Sol has emerged in the proximity of another Mega-Dome, similar to the one they left in DaGlausch. The Dome is surrounced by a spherical force-field and further detection reveals a group of eight planetoids 336.000 away from their present location.

The planetoids are also surrounded by a force-field that Seneca cannot analyze. The computer also informs the crew that his syntronic circuits are off-line after the transition through the Cathedral. Only the positronic part remains active.

As Mondra Diamond tells Atlan what happened with Vincent Garron, the Sol is shaken by the attack from the Mom'Serimians, who think that the Terrans are actually Mundanians. While the transform cannons cannot penetrate Night-Eight, the Terrans quickly find out that their protection field will not block conventional bombs. The Sol returns fire and the attack stops.

A truce is declared and a delegation of the Mom'Serimians led by Crom, their new leader, meets with Atlan. The misunderstanding is soon cleared and Crom manifests an extreme interest about the cocoon left on board the Sol by Lotho Keraete, which is supposed to contain instructions about the mission of the Terrans in Segafrendo. When Crom arrives in its proximity, the seal breaks and a message starts playing.

It tells the Terrans that they have twenty-eight days to find a location called Auroch Maxos-55 and rescue a Kym-Jorian. Failing to comply will result in the destruction of mankind.

Cedric Beust

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