2004 - Im Bann der NACHT
In the Ban of the Night
Horst Hoffmann

The Sol emerges in a dark region of space. Everybody on board is unconscious. Vincent Garron receives the vision of an entity that asks him to choose a side. He replies "the bad side". When he wakes up, he is no longer colorblind and his former personality has resurfaced. He starts killing the crew of the Sol one by one with his parapsychic abilities, starting with Tuyula Azik, the young Blue girl with whom he shared a privileged relationship.

Crom and Yessim are two Mom'Serimians. They live on Night-Eight, a group of eight planetoids. Night-Eight is at the fringe of the galaxy Segafrendo and the Mom'Serimians are servants of Estartu, the super-intelligence. Several thousands of years in the past, a war erupted between the Galactic Crown, led by Estartu, and the Mundanians. Nobody knows what happened exactly during this war, but Estartu disappeared without a trace and hasn't been seen again since then.

The Mom'Serimians are ruled by the Eunuchs, sexless individues who carry on the legacy and the history of their people. Crom and Yessim illegally venture outside the perimeter of Night-Eight and see for themselves what the surrounding space looks like. Shortly thereafter, Crom learns that he has been nominated to become the new ruler of the Mom'Serimians.

On the Sol, Vincent Garron detects the presence of someone on board who is impervious to his powers. He quickly realizes that it is Delorian, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond's son. Thanks to Delorian's protection, Mondra regains consciousness and becomes aware of Vincent Garron's murderous intent. When he enters her cubicle, they fight and Mondra manages to kill the mutant with Delorian's help.

At the same moment, the Sol enters the Night-Eight Area area. Crom doesn't know if he should treat this unknown spaceship as friend or foe, but a scan of the spaceship reveals the hostile intentions of Vincent Garron before the mutant got killed. Crom no longer hesitates and opens fire on the Sol.

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