2003 - Blockadegeschwader
Blockade Squadron
Rainer Castor

A new defensive weapon has been in development over the past years on Olymp. It is called the Aagenfelt Barrier, after the name of the scientist who came up with the idea. It is a new kind of defensive shield carried by four spaceships, called the Blockade Squadron. When it is activated, any spaceship entering the protected region will automatically quit the linear space. Six Blockade Squadrons, that is, twenty-four spaceships, are enough to secure an entire system.

Rhodan contacts Bostich, the Arkonid Emperor. He realizes that the Arkonids are not ready to compromise and will undoubtedly make a move soon against the Earth. Then Rhodan receives a bad news from Mimas, where Michael Rhodan had been under observation for several years : his son finally got better but he immediately left without a trace. Michael left a note for his father saying that he needed to start a new life on his own.

Rhodan deploys the Squadrons in the Boscyks system, in an attempt to protect Olymp. The system is soon attacked by eight thousand spaceships. Most of them are forced to drop from linear space and are rapidly destroyed. The others retreat. Contacted by Rhodan, the Arkonid Emperor says he didn't launch the attack but he is now aware of the new weapon developed by the Terrans.

Cedric Beust

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