2002 - Einsatz für Bully
Rescue Mission for Bully
Arndt Ellmer

The spaceship Vasco di Gama is sent to the Orion-Delta system to rescue the Terrans. On Topsid, the Arkonids have started installing fortresses and it becomes clear that they will use this world as a beachhead for future war actions, most likely against the Earth.

A commando led by Pucky and two monochrome mutants is sent on Topsid. They find out that the Arkonids are wearing Anti-Psi Nets, thus making them immune to telepathic influences. Also, the place is littered with parapsychic traps and Pucky soon passes out. Because of their inexperience, the two monochrome mutants make many mistakes and they put the whole mission at risk several times. The Terrans eventually find the prisoners but Bully is not among them. The Topsid governor informs them that he has already been transfered to Arkonis, and it occurs to Cistolo Khan that the whole Topsid operation might have been a cover to kidnap Reginald Bull.

Most of the prisoners are free but the mission clearly shows that the monochrome mutants are not up to the task yet. Even Pucky has been severely harmed by the parapsychic traps and he must be treated on Mimas.

Cedric Beust

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