2001 - Odysee eines Mutanten
Odyssey of a Mutant
Ernst Vlcek

Trim Marath joins the Lloyd Mutant School and meets other Monochrome Mutants. He befriends Startac Schroder, the teleporter who rescued Perry Rhodan in his fight against Ramihyn.

In the Solar Residence, Rhodan learns about an increasing number of incidents, the most dramatic being an attempt to sabotage Nathan, the moon computer. Each time, the perpetrator commits suicide or dies of a heart attack shortly after their act. Rhodan refuses to believe that one of the Monochrome Mutants might be at the origin of these incidents.

Rhodan asks Moharion Mawrey to bring Trim Marath before him. The little boy repeats what he knows of Morkhero : he is a mean entity that was born recently. Morkhero reigns over a realm called Dommrath, but Trim doesn't know where it is located. All he knows is that it is a dark and unreal place. Morkhero is becoming stronger every minute and he is still trying to assess his power. Trim suddenly spots Morkhero in the Solar Residence. He has taken possession of a body and is going to try to sabotage the Residence.

Rhodan and the security converge towards the man and corner him. Before they can do anything, the worker commits suicide. Trim tells Rhodan that Morkhero has just left the Earth.

Cedric Beust

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