200 - Die Straße nach Andromeda
The Road to Andromeda
K.H. Scheer


August 2400. Ichot Tolot, a Haluter, arrives op the base of Opposite. The Haluters are an old race of warriors, almost indestructible because they can alter their atomic structure. 50,000 year ago, they conquered the Milky Way but since then, gave up political power and live peacefully on Halut. Tolot found two men from the missing Terranian ship OMARON and brought them back to Perry Rhodan. These men have gone mad, and the disappearance of the Omaron remains a mystery. Rhodan leaves on board of the CREST II in order to find out what happened to the missing ship. Tolot joins them.

They soon discover an artificial system, made of six stars forming a hexagon. This system is actually a giant transmitter which sends the CREST 2 in another system, 900,000 light years away from the Milky Way and 600,000 light years from Andromeda. this system, named the Twin System, is also artificial: it is made of two stars around which orbit eight planets. Rhodan decides to land on a planet - called Power. They find the remnants of the OMARON, with the dead bodies of its crew. Suddenly, Power begins to disintegrate.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Since 2390 the former plophosian secret world, Opposite (Inversia), in the Whilor System has become the most important base of the Fleet. For nineteen years vessels of the Solar Fleet have been looking for Kahalo, where Perry Rhodan and his mates were brought after their abduction by Iratio Hondro. One of these vessels, the Omaron, disappears in the center of the Milky Way.

On August 15, 2400, the Haluter Icho Tolot brings to Opposite (Inversia) two survivors from the Omaron that another Haluter discovered drifting in space. The Haluters are three and a half meters tall and two and a half meters broad. They have two short legs and two pairs of arms. The lower pair can serve to run or to jump. The hemispheric head has, in addition to an ordinary brain, a second brain which serves as a large capacity computer. The three eyes are over-sensitive to the infrared. They have the teeth of a predator that can break stone or metal which are then converted into organic matter in the stomach. The Haluters can modify the atomic structure of their body so that it has the toughness of terkonite. They are almost invulnerable and can pass through obstacles like a bullet.

Tolot, who has studied the Terrans for a long time, wants to overcome by himself the murderous insanity that occurs during the lifetime of a Haluter by leading a life of battle and adventure. Atlan, who has already met some Haluters during the Methane War, does not trust Tolot.

With his wife Mory, Atlan, Pucky and Tolot, Perry Rhodan leaves for the center of the Milky Way in his flagship, the Khrest II, in order to search for the Omaron. They discover a perfect hexagon composed of gigantic blue suns. Scientists of the Khrest recognize in this hexagon a powerful transmitter. The vessel is attracted to the center of the hexagon and dematerializes.

The hexagonal transmitter projects the Khrest into the system of two yellow suns, that Icho Tolot, the only one to remain conscious, names the Twin System. It is nine hundred thousand light years from Earth in the space between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Nebula. The two suns are surrounded by eight planets in the same orbit.

When the Khrest II is attracted to Power, the eighth planet of the system, the Haluter destroys the three pyramids (similar to those on Kahalo) at the North Pole. He can only brake the fall of the vessel at six hundred kilometers from the pole.

Tolot brings Atlan and Perry Rhodan to the pole where they discover the wreckage of the Omaron and other vessels. Following the destruction of the pyramids, Power begins to break apart while the Terrans try to repair the damage to their vessel.

Michael P. Mahoney

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