1997 - Das Ende des Sonnentresors
The End of the Solar Prison
Arndt Ellmer

The Taucoon is caught in the middle of the Solar Prison, which becomes unstable every minute. A breach opens in front of them, giving a glimpse on a foreign universe. Myles Cantor wonders if this could be the universe of the Drufs, or Tarkan, the contracting universe, but he cannot answer.

On Gunjar, where Nisaaru first contacted the Vlatschidians in the Crystal Desert, a master thief called Veldenhovv becomes the new guardian of the Crystal Flower. Sirku/Nisaaru speaks to him through this crystal and asks him to find Vil an Desch. Veldenhovv meets Ganzetta, who accepts to take him to the former leader of the Scoctorians. On their way, they are attacked by Algiots but thanks to the Net Neutralisators, they are easily destroyed. During the fight, the Crystal Flower becomes burning hot. Ganzetta thinks that the crystal reacts to the radiations emitted by the Net Neutralisators.

Veldenhovv finally meets Vil an Desch and then receives the order to go to the Crystal Desert. When he gets there, he is contacted by Nisaaru who tells him he is now the new guardian of the Vlatschidians.

Meanwhile, the Chearthian fleet, commanded by Vil an Desch and Corr re Venth, is inflicting more and more defeats to Dro ga Dremm. The Algiots eventually retire from the galaxy.

In the Solar Safe, Vlatschos and Skoghal are now two full blown black holes. The scientists predict that they will merge and will become the main center of this area of space, attracting all the suns of the Solar Prison toward them.

On the Taucoon, Sirku has been able to prevent the destruction of the spaceship but the conditions are becoming extermely chaotic. Sirku tells the crew that the Solar Worms will be used to regulate the production of energy in Thoregon's center. Before the Terrans can ask any more questions, the Taucoon is hurled into the new universe and they all pass out.

Cedric Beust

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