1996 - Wenn Tazolen meutern
When the Tazolans rebel
Susan Schwartz

In Chearth, the Algiots are incurring more and more defeats because of the Net Neutralisator. A growing number of Algiots want to give up the war and return to their home galaxy. They start fighting against each other. The Algio leader, Corr Re Venth, is contacted by the main priest of their religion, Rochkothem, who tells him that he has been convinced by Vil a Desch. The Solar Worms are real and the whole war is a mistake.

Icho Tolot explains to Tuyula Azik that Sirku, Vincent Garron's latest incarnation, is actually the split personality of Nisaaru. Sirku appears again and explains the story of the Solar Worms.

The Baolin-Ndas used the Yaronag, a technology discovered by the Nonggos, in order to lure the Solar Worms into an energetic trap, the Solar Prison. 100,000 worms were captured this way. Short of having enough energy inside the prison, most of them died and the few remaining lost their intelligence. Sirku repeats that the Solar Worms must not be harmed because they will be used by the Thoregon coalition for some unknown purpose.

Sirku tells the immortals that Gan Grango Ranka, which has been roughly translated as the "big jump into the void", must happen exactly on the 29th of April at midnight, or Thoregon will never exist. On the 26th of April, the She'huan, the Taucoon and fifty-nine Halutian spaceships leave for the Solar Prison in order to achieve Gan Granko Ranka. Daolin-Hay is the only activator bearer left on Thagarum.

Corr Re Venth is eventually convinced and he agrees to end the war. He heads for Thagarum and a peace treaty is quickly agreed upon. The Algiots must turn in all their Psi-Nets and retire from Chearth.

As the treaty is signed, Daolin learns that the Solar Prison is collapsing and that the Taucoon has been destroyed. He departs for the Solar Prison on board the Pyxis, firmly decided to rescue Atlan and the other immortals.

Cedric Beust

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