1995 - Der Tod auf Terra
Death on Terra
Hubert Haensel

The Papermoon enters the Solar system and tries to contact the Earth or Nathan. None of them respond. Trokan is also under siege : Ramihyn has dispatched spaceships over the Mushroom Dome to make sure that the Terrans cannot receive any help from there. Rhodan contacts a ship that took part in the attack and learns about Ramihyn. Rhodan explains to Khan that even if they could reproduce what happened in Dengejaa Uveso, the whole Solar system would be completely destabilized by the ensuing disturbances.

Ramihyn decides to examine the Earth. He teleports on the surface and, unseen, observes the Terrans. He is surrounded by a death field that kills people as he wanders by. Ramihyn is surprised by the peacefulness of the Terrans and wonders how such a people could justify a Cosmic factory being sent against them.

Rhodan learns about the destruction of the headquarters of the Cosmic House, and the death of Paola Daschmagan. He goes there and helps out LFT agents to clear the rubbles, rescuing a teenager, Startac, who disappears shortly thereafter. Rhodan is informed that the cyclop has been located and locked inside a Paratron field. Rhodan decides to confront him.

Ramihyn senses the presence of the Sixth Messenger of Thoregon. He breaks free from the Paratron field and captures Rhodan. As he is about to get killed by the cyclop, thereby dooming the whole Thoregon coalition, Rhodan is rescued by Startac. The young man turns out to be a weak teleporter. He can only achieve small jumps and for a limited amount of time. Rhodan decides to try and reach the Mushroom Dome on Trokan in order to make contact with the Heliots.

Using Startac's weakening abilities, Rhodan approaches the transmitter towards Trokan, with Ramihyn hot on their tail. He enters it at the last second. Ramihyn immediately orders his spaceships on orbit above Trokan to look for him and kill him.

Cistolo Khan receives the news of what has just happened : as Rhodan was on his way to the Mushroom Dome on Trokan, a whole fleet of Ramihyn's spaceships located him and opened a deadly fire on the whole area. Only the Dome has remained intact, and Rhodan is nowhere to be found. Khan records in his log that the Sixth Messenger of Thoregon was killed on April 10, 1291.

Cedric Beust

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