1994 - Der letzte General
The Last General
H.G. Francis

On the Earth, all hyper-communications suddenly stop working. A gigantic object materializes outside the Sol system. It is quickly identified as a Cosmic Factory. Its pilot calls the Earth and introduces himself as Ramihyn, commandant of the cosmocrat factory Wave. The Servant of the Matter demands an absolute capitulation of all solar forces. As a warning, twenty-four Terran spaceships are destroyed.

Zorn Jynthasso, a Terran general, is in charge of the defense fleet. He immediately gathers more than seven hundred cruisers and heads towards the enemy. After the Tolkandian crisis and then the Dscherro attacks, the Earth no longer has the protection of the ATG field ; the space forts and the fleet commanded by Jynthasso are their only hope. The ultimatum sent by Ramahyn expires in one day.

Civil unrest grows on the Earth. Paola Daschmagan, who recommends an immediate capitulation, is threatened to be voted down. The Terrans manage to sneak a spaceship out of the solar system before Wave can intercept it. A negociation shuttle approaches Wave but it is mercilessly destroyed by Ramahyn.

The offensive begins against the Factory : a colossal firepower is thrown at Wave, which is not even harmed. The raging fight has dramatic consequences on the surface of the Earth : earthquakes and typhoons sweep the land, causing a lot of damages. The First Terran orders Jynthasso to break the attack but the general refuses. Shortly after, the main headquarters are destroyed by a massive shot from the Factory. Paola Daschmagan dies in the explosion. The 18,000 defense forts have been destroyed and Jynthasso's fleet is decimated.

The Earth surrenders on April 6, 1291. Shortly thereafter, the Papermoon arrives in the Solar system, with Cistolo Khan and Perry Rhodan on board.

Cedric Beust

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