1992 - Aufmarsch über Thorrim
Procession over Thorrim
Horst Hoffmann

On Thorrim, in the DaGlausch galaxy, all attempts to contact the two super-intelligences that recently arrived there, Nisaaru and Metamorph (Wechselbalg) have failed. Mondra Diamond keeps having hints from her unborn baby about the imminent events. She says that the danger for the Alashanians is not so much the super-vibration, due in April, but other events that she cannot identify.

Another super-intelligence materializes in the Thorrtimer system. He introduces itself as Baikolt, from the Ghoroon galaxy. Benjameen Jacinta remembers that Ghoroon is the home of the Nonggos, the fourth people of Thoregon. He begins to suspect that all the super-intelligences whose sphere of influence includes a people from Thoregon are going to meet there, in DaGlausch.

Nissaru eventually accepts the contact from Tess. The super-intelligence tells her that he has split his personality and that a part of himself, called Sirku, is busy in another galaxy for now. He also tells her that the super-intelligences are here to protect the DaGlausch people from the super-vibration.

Another super-intelligence appears over Thorrim in the shape of a bright sphere. Raindrops start falling on the planet, which turn out to be parapsychically charged but harmless. This super-intelligence is Baolin-Nda, and he reached Thorrim through a canal opened by the Aeolentorians, back in his home galaxy. The psionic rain is a side effect of the contact of Baolin-Nda and the einstein Universe.

Meanwhile, DaGlausch is increasingly shaken by premises of the forthcoming super-vibration. More stars turn into novae every hour and whole races are driven away from their home systems. The word has spread that Thorrim is a safe haven for now so all the races converge there. Soon, more than 300,000 spaceships are seeking shelter in the Thorrtimer system. Fights almost break out but the super-intelligences prevent them.

The super-intelligence of the Creators, the first people of Thoregon, materializes in the system. The only one missing now is It and as the Terrans are beginning to think that something terrible happened, Wanderer materializes at the border of the system, with the Sol on its surface.

Stendal Navajo immediately contacts the flagship and asks Bull to transfer the 200,000 Alashanians on board. Bull refuses, saying that It will only let them accept one person on board : Mondra Diamond. The young woman, now overdue for her child, is transfered on the Sol but she is despaired when she learns that Perry Rhodan is not on board.

Cedric Beust

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