1990 - Der Silberwolf
The Silver Wolf
Arndt Ellmer

In Chearth, the mysterious immaterial entity known as Sirku is traveling through the Pyxis. As Vincent Garron tries to contact it, it disappears. Meanwhile, a team of Siganese scientists are trying to create a device that would cancel the effects of the Psi-Net, the device that was given to the Algiots by Shabazza and that protects them from the Gharrian psychic attacks. They eventually manage to build a prototype, called the Net Neutralisator.

Vincent Garron perceives the presence of Sirku again. The entity seems to be neutral and looking for a body that could host it. Meanwhile, the Halutians decide that they need to explore the Gomrabianic Hills, the instable area of hyperspace near Nisaaru's home. Mhogena opposes to the decision but the H alutians decide to go anyway.

Ganzetta suggests that Gunjar should be the first planet that they should try to free. It is the home planet of the Vlatschidians where Nisaaru contacted them in a place called the Crystal Desert. Reconquering this planet would bring a lot of hope to the people of Chearth. Atlan agrees and the Quanthuz and three other Halutian ships depart for the hyperspace hills.

The Terrans arrive on Gunjar and Five Masters of the Sand start using their Psy-Reflectivity skills to incapacitate the Algiots. The experience is a success and Gunjar is freed with a few days. However, the 400,000 Vlatschians living on the planet have suffered a lot under the Algiot command, and most of them have been brainwashed. Ganzetta estimates that at least two more months will be necessary before the Net Neutralisator can be used on all the planets lost to the Algiots.

Sirku contacts Vincent Garron briefly and tells him that he was sent by a higher power to introduce Gan Granko Ranka. The communication breaks up before Garron can ask more questions.

Atlan manages to convince Vil at Desch that he should go back to his people and take their lead before they get slaughered by the Vlatschidians. The ex-leader reluctantly complies. After they realize where Dro ga Dremm has led them, the Algiots welcome Vil at Desch as their new leader.

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