199 - Arkons Ende
Arkon's End
Kurt Brand

In September 2329 the Solar Defense is informed of the business dealings between the Akonides and Springers concerning some Halmen contacts.

While Perry Rhodan and Mory Abro get married with great pomp on Plophos on 28 September 2329, eighty to one hundred thousand Blues vessels, that have been equipped by the Akonides, attack the Arkon System. They are backed up by eight hundred Akonide units. The Arkonide detection systems are rendered inoperative by Akonide frequency emitters equipped with Halmen contacts.

Eighty five thousand Terran combat vessels, as well as Plophosian and USO vessels, run to the aid of Arkon but the attackers succeed in completely destroying Arkon III. This planet, the arsenal of the Arkonide Imperium for millennia, breaks apart in a catastrophic explosion. However, Arkon I and Arkon II are saved from a similar fate. The Blues and Akonide Fleets are ultimately annihilated.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-24

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