1986 - Kampf der Giganten
Fight of the Giants
Rainer Castor

The Terrans are busy readying the fake Sol for the rendezvous with Materia, set by It for March 28, 1291 at 15:45. The spaceship is finally assembled and taken to Dengeja Uveso, where it joins the whole Galactic fleet. Rhodan has also received support from the Posbis, who sent twenty thousand Fragment ships. The Posbis are still using their relativity field, which is very similar to the ATF technology that the Terrans used to use in the past. However, Rhodan is surprised by the importance of the Posbi fleet, he didn't suspect they had so many ships.

A few hours before the rendezvous, the fight starts. Rhodan orders simultaneous attacks on the cosmic factory, helped by a group of Antis who try to destabilize its protection field. In the same time, the fake Sol is luring Materia towards the rendezvous point.

The first blows are a disappointment : Materia is hardly affected by the attack and fights back mercilessly. Thousands of galactic ships are destroyed. Materia is eventually brought to the rendezvous point and at the scheduled time, It attacks. Hyperspace tentacles appear around Materia and try to emprison it. It seems to work at first but the cosmic factory suddenly breaks free with a hypertakt transition. Humiliated, the Terrans are forced to retreat.

Cedric Beust

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