1984 - Yaronag
H.G. Francis

100,000 Halutians are on their way to Chearth, on board the She'Huan, a 4.5 km big cargo ship. They carry on board the Yaronag, a weapon used by the Nonggos in the past against the Solar Worms, according to Baolin Nda's plans. In the void between the galaxies, the She'Huan is forced out of linear drive and comes to a halt. The detectors spot an unknown object coming in their direction. It's a very small egg-shaped spaceship which first stops right by the Halutian ship. Suddenly, the alien vessel teleports into the She'Huan.

A few Halutians try to analyze the odd-looking ship but they suddenly disappear as they get close to it. The egg seems to be attracted by energy sources, but all attempts to get rid of it fail. The egg eventually teleports in the room of the Yaronag and sits there. Shortly after, the disappeared Halutians turn up and attack the crew. Somehow, their size has been reduced and they recklessly harass their former teammates. Icho Tolot barely escapes them. The Halutians have no other choice but continue their journey to Chearth with the intruder on board. They reach the distant galaxy a few days later.

In Chearth, the Terrans are busy trying to find the three Solar Worms that caused the destruction of the Eleprysi system. Myles Cantor believes they must be hiding in hyperspace. He is terrified at the thought that the other 25,000 Solar Worms still locked in the Solar Safe might escape as well. Atlan asks Vincent Garron for help. The mutant is quickly able to locate one Solar Worm resting in hyperspace. The creature seems to be dividing. Since they can't find the other two, Atlan decides not to use the weapon right away in order not to scare them away. The search continues.

Cantor asks Vil at Desch if he would agree to share his supply of Elcoxol with the Tazolan prisoners. The former leader of the Algiots reluctantly agrees. He goes to talk with them and tries to explain to them what is really happening in the Solar Safe. Shocked, the Tazolans won't listen to him and eventually attack him because of his heretic words. Vil at Desch now knows that he can never return among his people.

Garron eventually locates the other two Solar Worms, also busy dividing themselves. Atlan decides to try the weapon. The Yaronag is fired but nothing happens : the alien spaceship seems to be absorbing all the energy. The Terrans eventually find a way of getting rid of the intruder by kicking it into hyperspace. The Yaronag is fired again and the experiment is a success : the three Solar Worms are killed.

Cedric Beust

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