1983 - Der Sonnentod
The Dying Sun
Uwe Anton

Atlan and his crew are running away from the wreckage of the Anubis : the Tazolans will undoubtedly chase them in an attempt to retrieve Dro ga Dremm. The fanatic leader still refuses to believe in the Solar Worms and blames the Terrans for what is currently happening to the sun.

Terrans and Vlatschidians meet in a safe place near Eleprysi and try to understand why the Algiots have gathered a fleet of three thousand ships in the system. They still think that Atlan is held prisoner on board of Dro ga Dremm's flagship. Ganzetta decides to land on Holter with a fast shuttle in order to contact their base on this planet. Meanwhile, the sun is slowly consumed by the three Solar Worms and the whole system has two weeks left before Eleprysi turns into a red giant.

The Terran crew on Holter fights a hostile environment and eventually meets Holterians. They are a primitive race but they mention the presence of Vlatschidians on the planet. Atlan understands that there must be a friendly base somewhere and asks the Holterians to take them there. From his shuttle, Ganzetta understands that the Terrans have escaped and are now on Holter.

Myles Cantor is busy trying to understand how the Solar Worms work. He hypothesizes that they are attracted not only to suns but also to the radiations emitted by all intelligent live beings, as they learned from the Cappins many centuries ago.

Atlan and his crew, still chased by the Tazolans, reach the Vlatschidian base and take off with a shuttle. They are rescued just in time by the Ganirana, Ganzetta's cruiser. Shortly thereafter, Eleprysi turns into a red giant and the whole system is destroyed. The three solar worms are nowhere to be found.

Atlan is contacted by Icho Tolot, on board of the She'Huan with the entirety of his race, 100,000 Halutians. They have finally arrived after a twenty million light year trip. Now they need to find the Solar Worms in order to try out the Nonggo weapon they brought with them.

Cedric Beust

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