1982 - Gefangene der Algioten
Prisoner of the Algiots
Susan Schwartz

Rinaher is a young Arkonide woman who was part of the crew of the Anubis. She wakes up in a Algiot cell. She has no idea if there are other survivors and she is fed food that turns out to be drugged. The drugs make her feel weak and depressed, but she manages to eat very little from it and therefore, keep a clear mind.

In the Solar Prison, the scientists are working on the Psi Helms. These devices were given to the Tazolans by Shabazza and they make them immune to the Gharrans psychological influences. The Terran scientists are beginning to understand how they work but they welcome the help of Vincent Garron, who is still discovering his new host body.

Rinaher is taken out of her cell to be interrogated. The Algiots use a lie detector on her and she is forced to answer their questions. Uniboref, the commandant of the Algiot spaceship, seems to be very interested in immortality and is puzzled by people such as Atlan, who is not treated as a god in the Milky Way. But any attempt from Rinaher to rationalize is met with total hostility from the religious leader. Some time later, the prisoners are transfered on a barren planet under a pale-red sun.

Myles Cantor has finally located one of the three solar worms that escaped from the Solar Prison. The creature is basking in the main star of the Eleprysi system. The Algiots have a base on the fourth planet of this system, Kappan. The scientists predict that the small star only has one month left before it turns into a nova. Myles Cantor heads for Eleprysi in order to observe the phenomenon.

On the planet, Rinaher is put into a cell with other Terran survivors. They observe that the sun is changing color but they are not sure if they can trust their senses. The planet turns out to be Kappan and as the prisoners are put on board of the Algiot spaceship, which then takes off, they are quickly spotted by Cantor's spaceship. Dro ga Dremm, now on board of the Algiot ship, is contacted by Myles Cantor who tries to warn him about what is happening in the sun. The Terran also asks him to free the prisoners but the Tazolan leader refuses.

The prisoners manage to escape, using the moment when Tazolans take their Elcoxol bath. They capture Dro ga Dremm and steal a shuttle. However, the escape pod is protected with a code that only Dro ga Dremm knows and it starts falling on Holter, the nearby planet. The Terrans are forced to let Dro ga Dremm take care of the emergency landing.

Cedric Beust

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