1981 - Offensive der Algioten
Offensive of the Algiots
Arndt Ellmer

In Chearth, a Vlatschidian admiral has been captured by the Algiots. After some negociations, an agreement is reached : admiral Anschoruk will be exchanged against another prisoner. The two races meet in the Raggan system and the exchange is performed. Admiral Anschoruk seems to have been very seriously shocked by the questionings but the doctors believe he should get better.

Meanwhile, a fleet of fifteen thousand Algiotic ships is spotted, headed for Thagarum. The Algiots obviously want to reconquer the switch station. The Terrans organize the defense of the planet.

On board the Anubis, admiral Anschoruk is being examined to find out how many secrets he confessed to the Algiots when a fleet of eight thousand Algio space ships materialize in the Raggan system. As they are about to be destroyed, Ganzetta's flagship, the Ganirana, appears and helps them escape. The Ganirana is fitted with the latest Galactic technology : transform cannon, virtual creator and a paratron field. It is the first space ship taking advantage of the treaty between the Terrans and the peoples of Chearth. However, all the equipment is locked and will be taken away from the Tazolans once the conflict is over.

The construction site is located on Chattago, the sixth planet of the Rodekir system. They land there and find out that Anschoruk has actually been converted to the Algiotic faith. The admiral is placed under close scrutiny but manages to escape. He contacts the Algiots and informs them about Chattago.

Shortly thereafter, a huge Algiotic fleet appears in the Rodekir system and starts pounding on Chattago. The odds are too uneven, the Galactics have to surrender, including the Anubis, Atlan's ship. Only the Urania is able to escape. As it is about to leave the system, it detects a huge explosion. No doubt is permitted : the Algiots have just destroyed the Anubis, a galactic-class ship.

Cedric Beust

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