198 - Die letzte Bastion
The Last Bastion
H.G. Ewers

On Opposite, the third planet of the Whilor System, where Iratio Hondro has fled as a fugitive, tests are being carried out to develop a highly destructive gravitation bomb made out of molkex.

When the Lion landed on Pulsa, the Plophosians on Opposite were the ones who tried in vain to destroy it with rockets. After the failure of this tentative attack, Hondro uses a Blues vessel as a decoy to divert the attention of the Terrans from Opposite but Nome Tschato remains suspicious.

Shortly afterwards Perry Rhodan and Atlan arrive in the Whilor System. A member of the Blue Guard who is forced to commit suicide by shooting himself, reveals the position of the secret Plophosian base to Atlan's flagship, the Peyra. Opposite is taken by a fleet of the USO after heavy fighting (to include a massive battle between robots on the surface of the planet).

Rhodan eventually finds the dying dictator in his underground base. Hondro gives his cell activator to Rhodan so that he can, in turn, give it to Mory Abro. Iratio Hondro wishes Rhodan, as well as all humanity, luck in the future and then dies.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-22

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