1979 - Shabazzas Kampf
Shabazza's Fight
H.G. Francis

After discussing the matter with Blo Rakane and Bre Tsinga, Perry Rhodan decides that Shabazza should die in dignity. They pick a planet devoid of intelligence life and start organizing the transfer of the creator there. Shabazza will remain at all time behind a Paratron field. They take him on board of a shuttle, the Nesta, and land on the planet. As soon as Shabazza is freed, a hoard of animals starts attacking the Terrans but they are easily repelled by the shield. Then the Nesta heads back for the Sol.

Lotho Keraete materializes on the Sol and says he is the messenger of It and that he has an important message for Rhodan. He is told that the Administrator is not on board but will be back soon.

On his way back to the Sol, Rhodan says he just had a new idea about how to fight Materia, but they need to go to Arkon and get some supply. The small crew is disconcerted but complies. As soon as they are headed for the Crystal Empire, Rhodan pulls out his gun and kills two of the three women. Only Kranna Theyres barely escapes and runs for her life, eventually passing out in a closet. Rhodan starts chasing her but loses her track. He lands on a planet and programs the auto-pilot. When Kranna awakens, she realizes that the Nesta is headed straight into a sun. She modifies the course of the small ship and directs it toward the Sol.

When she reports her adventures to Blo Rakane, the Halutian first doesn't believe her but the syntronic computer confirms her story. There can be only one conclusion : Shabazza escaped and is now in possession of Rhodan's body. It turns out that an insect found its way through the Paratron shield when Rhodan dropped Shabazza on the planet, and that the Creator used it to escape.

Shabazza's plan is to find the asteroid swarm of his race, kill a member of his family and use his corpse as a new host. He finds his way into a cruising spaceship, the Waveshape, and waits for it to depart. He considers entering the Mushroom Dome on Trokan, which is shortest route to Kharakhoum. When he touches Rhodan's Passantum to see if it is working, an unknown force starts attacking him. Shabazza gets rid of the bracelet in haste, feeling very threatened by this unkown being.

Blo Rakane, Bre Tsinga and Lotho Keraete are chasing Rhodan on board the Zhauritter, the Halutian's spaceship. They locate the Waveshape on and start following it. Shabazza notices them and sabotages the Waveshape. He enters the onboard transmitter shortly before the ship starts accelerating.

As the Zhauritter is closing in on the cruise ship, the Waveshape explodes.

Cedric Beust

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