1978 - Schlacht um Wanderer
Attack on Wanderer
Horst Hoffmann

Talking with Shabazza, carefully locked behind a Paratron protection field, Rhodan realizes that Torr Samaho is actually blackmailing the Creator by detaining his body. Rhodan spots a bird observing them. It's a Lamuuni, a teleporting bird that Shabazza used to have around him. Before Rhodan can react, the bird vanishes. More birds are spotted aboard the Sol but they can always escape before they get caught.

Lotho Keraete has been teleported on Wandered by It. He finds himself on the artificial planet, witnessing what looks like the Little Big Horn battle. He teams up with a soldier who was part of the Andromeda campaign before his conscience was absorbed by It.

Rhodan tries to conclude a pact with Shabazza : they will try to retrieve his body and in exchange, Shabazza will give them all the information they need about Materia. Shabazza hesitates and then accepts. A fake trial is set up, where Shabazza is found guilty and then executed. Rhodan hopes that Torr Samaho will release the body of the Creator and not destroy it.

On Materia, Robots join the battle and Lotho realizes that It is under attack by some external entity. As he arrives in the main city, he is greeted by Ernst Ellert, who introduces himself as It's messenger. Ellert takes Keraete to It. The Immortal tells Keraete that He needs a new messenger, a material one, as opposed to Ernst Ellert who is only a spirit.

Keraete hesitates as he blames It for assigning him without asking him first and turning him into a cyborg. It then shows Keraete what destiny awaited him and his crew in the past : they would have landed on a planet and they would have been contaminated by a virus. They would have all died in horrible ways. Convinced, Keraete becomes It's new messenger. His first assignment is to go on the Sol and let Rhodan know that he should be ready to attack Materia on March 28th, 1291 at 3:45pm exactly.

On Materia, thanks to his Lamuuni spies, Torr Samaho is not fooled by the stratagem and he understands that Shabazza is no longer fighting on their side. He has the body of the Creator destroyed. Shabazza feels it and suddenly realizes that he only has three days left to live...

Cedric Beust

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